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Immoral Games Signed Paperback - Discreet Cover

Immoral Games Signed Paperback - Discreet Cover

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Book Two in Marissa Farrar's dark, taboo, Reverse Harem 'Immoral' series. With beautiful interior formatting, and signed by the author, this book will look gorgeous on your shelf. 

Each book comes with a free bookmark, pen, and stickers!

I’ve been stranded in a cabin in the wilderness with my two gorgeous but damaged stepbrothers, and my overprotective stepfather.
We’ve crossed boundaries that in normal society would never be traversed, and now we can never go back to what we were.
We thought the biggest threat to our lives was Mother Nature.
We were wrong.
In desperation, we tried to reach safety, but a new danger has emerged.
Now we’ve been taken by gun-runners who know who we are.
They force us to play their games for their own entertainment while they try to figure out what to do with us.
The relationships that saved our lives are being tested to the extreme.
They’re trying to break us, but we won’t give up.
Not when we have each other.

Immoral Games is a dark contemporary why choose romance with dark themes including SA and non-con. Please check TWs before reading.

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