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The Monster Trilogy (EBOOKS)

The Monster Trilogy (EBOOKS)

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Read the trilogy reviewers are calling 'GRIPPING and SEXY,' 'Powerfully written,' and 'Wonderfully dark and suspense filled.'


Rich... dangerous... disfigured.

I had her kidnapped to fix the one thing that has kept me hidden from society my whole life.

My face.

But, as the days go by, she's affecting the part of me no woman has ever touched.

My heart.

I'm drawn to her. And I can tell she's drawn to me, too, though she fights it. I see it in the longing glances and the quickening of her breath, even as I hold her down.


They call me Monster through no fault of my own, but she's the only one who's ever made me feel like a man...

Bundle contains:

✔️Entangled in Them

✔️Guarded by Them

✔️Captivated with Them

Plus get the novella Caged Bird absolutely free!

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