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The Ultimate Dark Romance Bundle (EBOOK)

The Ultimate Dark Romance Bundle (EBOOK)

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Known as Monster, Merrick will stop at nothing to remove his birthmark — even kidnap beautiful laser therapist Lily and force her to submit. But he never imagined wanting to keep her… A dark, sexy twist on Beauty and the Beast in Defaced.

Angel has seven days to train Catalina, a young woman destined to be sold to a powerful man. But as he instructs her on seduction and pleasure, Angel realizes he wants innocent Catalina for himself…Raised for Him.

Hayden has built an empire while waiting for his chance to avenge his mother’s death. When he kidnaps the murderer’s innocent daughter, Jolie, and holds her captive on his island, the passion that erupts shocks them both… Shattered Hearts.

For fans of all things dark romance including mafia, enemies-to-lovers, dub-con, kidnapping, a disfigured H and an innocent h, and MORE!

Thirteen dark romance e-Books for ONE low price, PLUS get a fourteenth book FREE!

This bundle is NOT available on any other book site!


✔️Defaced (Monster Trilogy Book One)

✔️Denied (Monster Trilogy Book Two)

✔️Delivered (Monster Trilogy Book Three)

✔️Shattered Hearts (Bad Blood Book One)

✔️Broken Minds (Bad Blood Book Two)

✔️Tattered Souls (Bad Blood Book Three)

✔️Raised for Him (For Him Book One)

✔️Unbound for Him (For Him Book Two)

✔️Damaged for Him (For Him Book Three)

✔️The Choice She Made (The Mercenary Series Book One)

✔️The Lie She Told (The Mercenary Series Book Two)

✔️The Trap She Faced (The Mercenary Series Book Three)

✔️The Trust She Gave (The Mercenary Series Book Four)

✔️FREE - Caged Bird (A Monster Trilogy Novella)

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