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The Ultimate Vampire Paranormal Romance Bundle (EBOOK)

The Ultimate Vampire Paranormal Romance Bundle (EBOOK)

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As a child I was stolen, cornered into a life I never wanted. 
Now I’m eighteen and they’ve given me to a vampire...

Indulge in the captivating and forbidden world of vampire romance with this exclusive bundle of ebooks by Marissa Farrar.

  • Includes a collection of stories not found anywhere else
  • Experience eternal love and passion with immortal beings
  • Fall under the spellbinding allure of dangerous romance

This bundle is a must-have for fans of paranormal romance and vampire fiction. Lose yourself in tales that explore forbidden love, supernatural desires, and eternal bonds.

10 awesome vampire paranormal romance eBooks for one great price!

This bundle is NOT available on any other book site!


✔️Alone (Serenity Series Book One)

✔️Buried (Serenity Series Book Two)

✔️Captured (Serenity Series Book Three)

✔️Dominion (Serenity Series Book Four)

✔️Endless (Serenity Series Book Five)

✔️Twisted Dreams (The Dhampyre Chronicles Book One)

✔️Twisted Magic (The Dhampyre Chronicles Book Two)

✔️Nikolai: A Vampire's Thirst

✔️Ivan: A Vampire's Thirst

✔️Stolen: A Vampire Blood Courtesans Romance


Read an excerpt from Alone

Almost imperceptibly, the
air moved around her, a tiny change in the molecules, like the air right before
thunder rolled across the sky. She held her breath, too scared to turn around
in case she had imagined things, but knew she must.

He stood framed in her
bedroom window wearing the same long overcoat she’d first seen him in. His
shock of dark hair set off his serious green eyes. The hard set of his jaw
erased the usual playful teasing expression he wore.

Even though she had
expected to see him, the sight of another man in her bedroom shocked her and
she pulled the sheets closer, as though they might protect her.

Serenity dared to speak.
“What are you doing here?” She wanted to be brave, but the shakiness in her
voice betrayed her fragile state. “You can’t just come barging into my bedroom
in the middle of the night. Do you have any idea how creepy that is?”

For a moment, he didn’t
answer. Did his stern expression mean he
was still angry
? But then he smiled and took a step toward her.

couldn’t stay away,” he said.

“Don’t you like to use the
front door?”

He smiled again, glancing
at the floor, as though hiding a joke from her. “I’m sorry, you’re right. I
should have used the door. Sometimes I forget these things.”

He gestured to the end of
her bed, “May I?”

Serenity looked at the
empty space, the sheets smooth and undisturbed, and nodded.

She couldn’t tear her eyes
from him as he crossed the room with an unworldly grace. He sat down beside
her, his weight creating a dip in the mattress.

His presence was so intense and took up more physical space
than normal people. The overcoat he wore stretched across his broad shoulders.
His hands, large and inviting, lay folded in his lap. Beautiful and strong, his
face betrayed nothing.

She wanted to grab hold of
him and never let go.

“What’s going on here?”
she asked in a hushed voice. She was scared, both of the stranger who had
suddenly appeared in her room, and of her husband finding out. Though her
common sense told her Jackson lay in the hospital, miles away, the fear
continued unabated. Would he somehow sense another man had been in their
bedroom, or would her stranger leave something for her husband to find?

“You need to explain
what’s happening?” she said.

Her fears amounted to
nothing in this man’s presence. Nothing existed except for him. Intensely aware
of the space between them, she longed to close it. She wanted to reach out and
touch him, explore every arch and curve of his skin with her fingertips.

“What part should I
explain?” he said. “Who I am, or why I’m here?”

“Everything. I need to
know all of it.”

“I’m not sure I can.”

Serenity lifted her eyes
to his, her lower lip trembling. “I don’t believe you. You’re hiding something
from me.”

He pressed his lips
together. “I’ve never done this before. I don’t know where to begin.”

“At least tell me your

He smiled. “I can do that
much,” he said, and then, as though they were being introduced at a formal
party, held out his hand. “Sebastian,” he said. “Sebastian Bandores.”

She smiled back and took
his hand. His fingers were cool from the night, but she didn’t drop his hand;
she didn’t ever want to let go.

she told him. “My name is Serenity.”

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