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The Ultimate Why Choose Bundle (EBOOK)

The Ultimate Why Choose Bundle (EBOOK)

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  • Given to three men as payment for a job, so why do they act like they don't want me? Dirty Twisted Love - a fast burn, mafia romance with lots of mm.


    In a world where dragons are extinct, and magic is banned, can four races come together to restore the power of the Dragonstone and the Dragonsayer? Chronicles of the Four - a slow burn, epic fantasy.


    It happened in the middle of the night. Asteroids raining down on Earth, destroying buildings, killing people. We thought that was the worst of it, but then women started to go missing, and we knew worse was yet to come... Darkest Skies - a fast burn, post-apocalyptic romance with a smattering of mm.


    Taken by aliens to their planet to be used as a breeding machine...will my enemies turn out to be the only ones I can trust? The Tradrych Strain - a medium burn, dark, sci fi romance.

If you are a fan of why choose/reverse harem romance, then you won't want to miss out on this collection! There's both fast and slow burn, contemporary, fantasy, P.A., and sci fi! Get enemies-to-lovers, friends-to-lovers, dragons, breeding, and epic quests! All complete series.

This Ultimate Why Choose Bundle is for you! For those of us, who never want to choose, get this amazing bundle of 13 books for one low price. This bundle is NOT available on any other book site!


✔️Entangled in Them (Dirty Twisted Love Book One)

✔️Guarded by Them (Dirty Twisted Love Book Two)

✔️Captivated with Them (Dirty Twisted Love Book Three)

✔️Through a Dragon's Eyes (Chronicles of the Four Book One)

✔️Into a Dragon's Soul (Chronicles of the Four Book Two)

✔️With a Dragon's Heart (Chronicles of the Four Book Three)

✔️Breeder (The Tradrych Strain Book One)

✔️Breaker (The Tradrych Strain Book Two)

✔️Bait (The Tradrych Strain Book Three)

✔️Their Invasion (Darkest Skies Book One)

✔️Her Resistance (Darkest Skies Book Two)

✔️Our Uprising (Darkest Skies Book Three)

✔️The Exodus (Darkest Skies Book Four)

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